Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mark your party with us!

Good Morning and Happy Party Day Kids. Now let's talk to Mom and Dad now!!
Isn't it frustrating when planning a party on all the items you just have to have. We'll let me add a little salt to that wound LOL. Handmade Crayons. However they can be still in your control, for we can design them in any theme to match your awesome party... For Real!!

Working with wax is our living and we love it.

Other ideas for these,
* Event for kids
*Bible School
*Summer Camp
*Crafters Club
*Home Schooling
*Co-op Groups
*Day Care
*Day Camps
*Parks and Recreation
*Gift Givers
*Hospital Visit
*Indoor Activities

or simply Just Because you have to have them

Now your asking yourself, how do I get them, now that I know why I'm getting them. It's easy. 
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