Monday, January 1, 2018

The Best Classic Board Games – The Inventors (1974)

Sober night for us! We decided to have game night before our private in-house karaoke duo between Mark and his son Mark (lol, I just wasn't feeling it last night). I have to say the Silva family keep their games in great order. They've owned the game since 1974. I actually like it WAY better then Monopoly. So New Years Eve was a quiet but fun BLAST!!

Our first game of the night was called

The Best Classic Board Games – The Inventors (1974)

The object of playing The Inventors was to make the most money from buying a series of inventions and cashing on their royalties.  These inventions were based on some of the more bizarre patents submitted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including such classics as, the Dimple Maker (U.S. Patent #560351), the Eye Protector For Chickens (U.S Patent #730918), the Automatic Hat Tipper (U.S. Patent #556248), the Bird Powered Flying Machine (U.S. Patent #363037), and so forth.

Players accessed these inventions by using The Incredible Patent Picker Move Maker Machine, a plastic device that automatically rolled the dice and dispensed the patent clips (which gave the value of the invention patents).  These clips had a number (0, 1, or 2), and this number indicated the value that the patent had.  An interesting aspect of The Incredible Patent Picker Move Maker Machine was that it sometimes did not fit together properly as its two component pieces were sometimes slightly mismatched, making the fit extremely tight.  Many a finger was pinched in an effort to make The Incredible Patent Picker Move Maker Machine have a perfect fit!

So what did you do for New Years?? To get your own game visit

A game of crazy inventions by Parker Brothers in 1974. 

OBJECT: Amass the most money by wisely purchasing and investing in actual old time inventions.
Players: 3 or 4
Ages: 9 to adult.

Contents include: game board, 2 dice, 4 pawns, inventors money, patent claim clips, Eureka cards, 12 Invention cards, the incredible patent picker machine, and the instructions.

Excellent vintage condition: complete. Box has some shelf / edge wear.

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