Monday, January 15, 2018

A Redhead and her Scentsy

Scentsy warmers have a lifetime guarantee. What does that mean? That mean of something happens to your warmer, let's say five years down the line, they will replace it with the same one.

 Q. How long will our Candle Bars last?
 A. Scentsy Candle bars will last a minimum of 50 – 80 hours. It depends on the strength of the fragrance and how strong you personally like your scents. Open Windows, humidifiers, and house fans may alter the time the scents last.

 Q. What are the measurements of the Scentsy warmers?
 A. Scentsy warmers vary in height from 3.5” tall (nightlights) to 8.5” tall (fluted shade). I have the specific height for each warmer listed in the description of the warmer. Since there are over 100 warmers now available, it would be too long of a list to put here!

Q. What kind of Light Bulbs do Scentsy Warmers use?
 A. Scentsy warmers use a 20 or 25 watt Bulb, and Scentsy Nightlight warmers use a 15 watt Bulb. These Bulbs can be kind of tough to find in stores, but you can buy these bulbs online at You can find the correct wattage of bulb for your warmer by simply looking at the label on your warmer (usually on the bottom)! All nightlight warmers do use the 15 watt. All element warmers use a heating element.

 Q. Can I buy a replacement dish (top) for my Scentsy Warmers?
 A. Yes! All dishes (tops) for current Scentsy Warmers are available to order online or through your consultant. The cost is $8-$12 depending on the dish (top) you are needing. If your Scentsy Warmer is retired, you may still be able to get the dish (top). However, replacement dishes (tops) for retired warmers are only available as supplies last once the warmer is retired.

 Q. Can Scentsy wax be used in a Non-Scentsy Warmer?
 A. Of course, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Scentsy warmers are made specifically for the Scentsy wax, they are designed to reach a perfect temperature, they get just warm enough to release the scent into the air without releasing any of the chemicals with it. This is one reason Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars are much safer then regular Candles.


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