Friday, December 29, 2017

MyPoints vs Amazon for Cottonelle Toilet Paper

MyPoints vs Amazon? Are you kidding? Use them together and you got yourself a team!
I use MyPoints to surf the shops I want to shop at and today I choose Amazon because we need toilet paper, which offered 10 points per dollar spent at Amazon.

Here is what I go today:
So I clicked here first to get MyPoints and then from there, I typed in Amazon and it redirected me to their site where I would shop normally anyhow, just now I'll get the 200 points, the free shipping because I am a prime account holder and in the long run save $$ now and for the future. SNAP.

Cottonelle is the only brand we use (my tender butt is picky)!!

Do you have any money saving tips? 2018 is about saving for me, it's my personal goal to put $5000 in my savings. Already to a good start because I only just have basic bills but one big bill called medical - uggggggg!!

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