Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Here we come!

2018 Here we come!! Honestly a lot has happened over the last year. Don't we say that every year? We do.... Taking control is the hardest thing to do but submitting is easy. You'd think? Which ever you choose to do, we wish you the best. We hope to cross paths with you and to learn and love your story.

Our goals are simple:

#1 Improve our health
#2 Get out of the Red Zone (well, we are not in it, but it wouldn't take us much to get there, so better finance planning)
#3 Work and Play more (Use our life to earn $ - like oils that we already use, foods that we already eat, etc...) Play to be able to breath more!!
#4 New Car (used of course)
#5 Make new friends (since our old ones seem to be super busy these days)
#6 Look in the mirror more and say "Hey your doing your Best right?"
#7 Use better common sense
#8 Don't Look Back (yep talking about the He said She said drama to it all)
#9 Read a book a week
#10 Fish Fish Fish shopping

We will be starting many venues to figure out where we will succeed. We hope that your doing the same. is our first one of 2018 in YL, Young Living!! 

We are wishing you much happiness in 2018 as we did for 2017!! If your looking for a little help on getting the word out about your business. $5 you get a blog post and networking that comes with that. Double Team Promotion Social Media Blog is something we'll be pushing this year even more!! 

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