Thursday, August 17, 2017

Essential Oil Queen, Young Living

So Young Living is everywhere right? 80% of my friends use it, and I do when I can afford it. But some of these independent distributor drive me crazy. They talk about it ALL THE TIME. I've been to their homes but don't smell a thing. Have it but don't use it?? Why?? And then came the day that I entered Heather Perez's home. You could actually smell it at her door step (which I am sorry, makes you forget about the messy cubby - kid inflicted for sure lol, you know toys, shoes thrown everywhere) but then, by the time you enter the house, your body is defiantly reacting to the smells in a super good way, like its floating on some healthy cloud you haven't been on in a very long time. This particular lady so believes in her position as a independent distributor for Young Living. I was blown away, and because of the smell of her home and the feeling it gave me, I now use it in my own home. So my lemon friends if you want to sell more oils, use your home first to showcase its powers - DUH  

Now what is my personal favorite oils?
-Orange & Lemon MIXED together

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uses Young Living in their clients homes in

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