Friday, August 18, 2017

Altek and KSPS what a TEAM

We have finished up the August 2017 membership campaign and tallied the pledges that were called in during the event. I wanted to give you a final accounting of how your wonderful effort contributed to the stations success.
Many viewers called into renewed their memberships or gave an additional gift. We also welcomed many new members to the Friends of KSPS for which we are truly grateful.
Throughout the 8 days of campaigning, viewers have called in with $133,005 from 984 promised contributions!
As we near the end of our fiscal year, we are grateful for the support the campaign brought in and hope to reach our goals by August 31st.

KSPS Public Television is a place where quality and excellence count.  We strive to be exceptional, competing in a fast changing technological world.  At KSPS TV, we make substantial television happen, with limited budgets, funded by people who care.  Just like YOU!  You cared enough to give your time . . . a generous contribution we truly appreciate. 

If you would be interested in joining us again please let you group coordinator know. Or if you would like to join us as an individual telephone volunteer, you are invited to join Team Friends. Our resource pool of volunteers we call upon to help fill in when we need extra individual volunteers. Just email me that you would like to be contacted for future Team Friends opportunities. Thanks!

Thank you,

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Mrs. Shawn Claypool | Outreach and Project Manager 
KSPS Public TV 
(509)443-7724 direct  | 800-735-2377  tollfree

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