Monday, July 31, 2017

12th Cleaning Free, House Cleaning

We would like to welcome Lynn to our 12th Cleaning Free family. She is our newest employee who just got cleared and will be training this week!! The cutie is her 4 year daughter!! We are expanding our services. So call us today for your personalized quote so that we can get your home into shape!! Refer Lynns name when calling and she'll get a finders fee after 1st cleaning. (208) 627-7239
Today we are window washing for a client in#Rathdrum so if you're interested in having your windows washed for your business or your home give 12th Cleaning FREE a call at 208-627-7239 for your personalize quote
We work 24-7 NOW! Thank you Village Square apartment "MOVE OUT" cleaning... There NOW.... Moving? Property Owners/Management? We've expanded our services and have SEVERAL NEW EMPLOYEES!! Call today 208-627-7239 — withMark Silva and Evielynne Holbrook at 12th Cleaning Free House Cleaning Service.
Welcome Amanda to our 12th Cleaning FREE who is cleared and completed training. This spirited girl is like her hair, sweet, fun and very into her work. She is only with us for the summer but she will continue with us PT when school starts again and weekends. She is from a family of 8 kids and understands the importance of a cleaning service. Saving for college and paying for upcoming school year clothes. So when calling to set up service mention Amanda's name and after the first cleaning she'll receive a finders fee!! Welcome Amanda!! — with Rhonda Canfield Sedgwick at 12th Cleaning Free House Cleaning Service.


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  2. Our residential cleaners remove build-up mould, dirt, and stubborn areas in your house or flat. Thorough cleaning is an excellent addition to regular cleaning and we will go one room at a time. This kitchen type of cleaning is a lot more than your weekly cleans with dusting and vacuuming