Friday, May 29, 2015

QSI Update for Inland Empire Paper Lands

Are you an Idaho land user? IEP is major recreational access for all hikers, atv, and now bike trails. With the number of new things going on, it's really important to have knowledge of what is going on at various gates to keep you safe.

QSI (Quality Services Inc) has given their web page a complete makeup over to provide information in all areas of IEP land as well as other lands they help to keep safe.

Alerts for the week of May 27th 2015... For the entire site please visit:

*Brickel Creek and Thompson Creek - there is active logging in these areas. Please use extreem caution. 

*Blanchard Hump South - current logging operation. Gates are closed to full size vehicles at this time. Blanchard Hump North is open.

*M-43 West of Larch Mountain saddle - active logging and they are hauling out the M-40 gate. Please use extreem caution.

*New maps have been installed reflecting recent property sales and purchases made my IEP. If you have access questions call

866-437-7711866-437-7711 FREE.

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