Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Edge of the seat movie, Hacksaw Ridge

First, a little well known fact, I do not do War Movies! I am not even sure what drew me into watching this. It certainly wasn't recommended to me. But, this movie has had such an impact in my personal life. I am talking about Hacksaw Ridge. Watch the clip and feel the power for yourself. To be a Christian these days has a whole new definition. But for this hero, I think Jesus himself could agree.

For sure this a must see film. I didn't like all the blood and guts all over the screen but the fact is WAR is indeed bloody and can't hide from that fact at all.

Now lets talk about the actor. I have a thing for voices (always have) and his WOWZA.

Andrew Garfield what an amazing actor. I had never seen him in anything, nothing that I can think of that is. I hope to see Andrew in up coming projects!! 

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