Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spirit Lake Moose Inn

Visiting Idaho is something your going to want to do after seeing this video. Idaho Wedding brides you now have a place to put your family up at. Exciting times for this area. A new trail, and more to come, a ton of new Mama and Papa businesses coming in - its exciting being local!! 
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Moni's Marketplace found in Spirit Lake, Idaho

Moni's Marketplace

  • Start Date
    Launched in January
  • Short Description
    A place where original artistic expressions, speak for themselves.
  • Long Description
    I use many different categories of art as an Artist to give voice to beauty through the pieces I offer. While rcovering from thyroid surgery, I was able to take time to create imaginative expressions of artistry while healing.
    There are a number of original items available through my website in the way of acrylic paintings, photography, crafts, sewing, and jewelry. Slow down in life and count your blessings!
  • Email

Bubble Boy Boutique is the host of these wonderful paintings. Come on over to North Idaho's Spirit Lake little city and find the teapot. 

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Miss Northern Idaho Looking for Sponsors

Miss Northern Idaho Scholarship Program is looking for businesses and individuals that are interested in sponsoring our program.

The Miss America Organization has been "empowering young women in America" for nearly 95 years and exists to provide a platform where young women can achieve their personal and professional goals and offers them a forum to express their opinions, intelligence and talents.

Can you find the hidden word or catchphrase?

Can you find the hidden word or catchphrase?

YEAH it's for mind exercise for most part. But for me it's all about FUN... I am a major Rebus Word Puzzle fan - for a couple of reasons. It challenges me but there are so many different fun games, that I never get bored - KEY....

The entire family can take part in this.. Why now make a it family project challenge - beat the TV to death and have to quality family time and muscle up your brains...

They also have a Facebook fan page to visit for all updates and other wonderful things they are offering like FREE downloads... They are climbing the #1 GO TO place for family fun.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Sierra Club Day Vest

#SierraClubDay Yes you will find hikers who honor nature wearing these types of vest. We have a customer that buys one...
Posted by The Boot Lady on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

 A Sierra Club Day customer is a very local customer of
The Boot Lady who has purchased a unique western style vest for their vacation time to frolic in the Sierra's area. You can see a hand in the picture and that was the customer getting ready to snag it QUICK!
Come visit their shop 

31862 N 5th Ave
(208) 964-0610

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Heather's Green Home Goods: Dust Glove Giveaway!

Heather's Green Home Goods: Dust Glove Giveaway!: It's time for another giveaway! Enter to win one of my dust gloves! Entry for this giveaway is super easy... just visit me on Fa...

QSI Update for Inland Empire Paper Lands

Are you an Idaho land user? IEP is major recreational access for all hikers, atv, and now bike trails. With the number of new things going on, it's really important to have knowledge of what is going on at various gates to keep you safe.

QSI (Quality Services Inc) has given their web page a complete makeup over to provide information in all areas of IEP land as well as other lands they help to keep safe.

Alerts for the week of May 27th 2015... For the entire site please visit:

*Brickel Creek and Thompson Creek - there is active logging in these areas. Please use extreem caution. 

*Blanchard Hump South - current logging operation. Gates are closed to full size vehicles at this time. Blanchard Hump North is open.

*M-43 West of Larch Mountain saddle - active logging and they are hauling out the M-40 gate. Please use extreem caution.

*New maps have been installed reflecting recent property sales and purchases made my IEP. If you have access questions call

866-437-7711866-437-7711 FREE.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spirit Lake Area Chamber of Commerce on Pinterest

Businesses are using #pinterest largely because you pin once and walk away and it stays for life and that is smart... Spirit Lake Area Chamber of Commerce...
Posted by Spirit Lake Area Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Click for Prices

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Mother's Day Portraits special offer ends June 1!


It is not too late! Our Mother's Day Portraits special offer ends June 1!
It's a great opportunity for your Family portrait as well.

Portrait Creation Fee is reduced to $75 (studio or studio outdoor & our waterfront location)
10% off any package.

Book before the deadline, have your session later!

Call/text me with any questions: 208.691.6964 

Luba Wold
Photography By Luba
Designing Family Portrait Heirlooms for over 10 years

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coastal Pay for Business Owners

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Spirit Lake Empire Trails

Spirit Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Get your bikes and get on down to the Empire Trails.... The Day Use Pass is only $2.50 for a non-motorized and you can pick them up from

31964 N 5th Ave
  • Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
Phone(208) 623-4751

Sondahl Pottery
(208) 818-7282

Bubble Boy Boutique
(208) 627-3095

We are so excited about these trails. A number of the local businesses participated in sponsoring the trails and in exchange with your purchase - you'll receive a wonderful full list of coupon you can use at the participating business. Example 10% off your order/free coffee sample/$2.00 off your Mexican food and just a ton of other special offers.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Serene Body Essentials


Kristy says, I got my gift basket yesterday and LOVE the products!! My favorite is the Island Breeze Lotion Bar!! Thank you so much!

Emily says, Pretty lady you gotta get the review section activated on this page so I can rave about my favorite products! ❤️❤️

Bubble Boy Boutique says, I started off as a customer. And fell in love with a number of Serene Body Essentials products like the scrubs, the chapsticks, and the body sprays BUT my favorite is her bar soaps - my ultimate favorite and my ONLY go to... Than I got to thinking "WAIT" I own a store - I have to get her items in my Bubble Boy Boutique and WHAM! My summer folks are going nuts too!! I couldn't imagine anything but Jennifer's items - EXCELLENT customer service and her shipping packing is beyond awesome....

For a ton of more reviews, please visit their page at FACEBOOK

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Perfect if your a upcoming Bride. Or a new mother. Or your like me and need a good amount of summer care before you even dare to put those sandals on. Beauty care, Spa Care, Essential Care, Boy Care

Monday, May 25, 2015

Val Wold Concert

WHEN: May 29th @7pm
WHERE: The Kroc Theater, 1765 W Golf Course Rd, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
TICKETS: $20.00 for adult, $10 for children under 12

Tickets can be purchased through Val's website at Click on "Store" tab. Or by contacting Luba Wold at Ph (208) 691-6964, email: All funds go to Val's college fund. Thank you for your support!


Luba and Tom Wold

is proud to know this family...

Spirit Lake Under the Teapot

Spirit Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is going commercial crazy with it's member. As Social Media is showing us we need to step up and here we have such a business doing just that. Under the Teapot is all about being on Maine Street EXCEPT they are UPTOWN not downtown. Get in their if your a wedding bride because they make table party favors

They also have a sewing service, gifts, handmade treasures, coffee - oh just get in there... And see for yourself. They also sell Non-Motorized Day PASSES for the Empire Trails. They have a lot to offer.

Come visit them on their facebook fanpage
Watch the video and then hop in your car and come take a day trip to Spirit Lake, Idaho

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Double Team Promotion Social Media

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~Spirit Lake Area Chamber Of Commerce
~Moose Inn
~The Boot Lady
~Spirit Lake Books and Coffee
~Quality Services Inc
~The Hitchin'Barn 
~Serene Body Essentials
~Bubble Boy Boutique